My best friend

posted on 27 Feb 2010 01:13 by devilpal


                                                 My best friend


            Let me introduce one of my best friend. Her name is

Pruchyamas  Punsang, and her nickname is Cartoon. She is next

door neighbor. She is 20 years old. She is about 163 centimeter tall.

Her hair is long, dark brown, and curly. Her face is round, and her

eyes are black. She wear glasses because she is myopia. Her nose is

prominent. She has a pleasant smile. she isn't fat, and she isn't thin.

Her shape is plump. She has a wonderful personality. She is a

friendly person, but sometimes she become serious person. She is 

very smart. She is a good student, and she gets a good grades. She

is diligent and intend to study very much. I am proud that she is

one of my best friend.







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