Feedback 2 Songkran Festival

posted on 26 Jan 2010 01:26 by devilpal

Feedback 2

Part 1

1. I like your writing that you describe about sprinkle water onto a Buddha image

and pour water on the hands of revered elders. It refect a Thai good tradition.

2. In the last summer on Songkran Festival, you and your family visited your

grandmother's house and went to many places in Samutsongkram for five days. 

3. You use the word "the next day" repeatedly. You should use the other word

such as the first day, the second day, the third day etc.

4. You should change the title to support detail. Because you writing about your

activity on Songkran Festival, the title should is "My Songkran Festival". 

5. In line 6, "Although we were wet, we had fun and were very happy". You should

add conjunction "but" in the sentence and cut the some word.

- Although we were wet, but we had fun and very happy.


Part 2

Content : 3
Organization : 2
Vocabulary : 2
Grammar : 3
Spelling and mechanics : 3