Feedback 1 My Wonderful Aunt

posted on 25 Jan 2010 23:51 by devilpal

Feedback 1

Part 1

1. I like your writing explain because you can write clearly and support the title.

2. You write about your wonderful aunt. Your aunt is generous, smart, successful,

and helpful.

3. You should cut the sentence in line 10, "Recently, she has been promoted to be

the vice president of the company". because the sentence is off-topic.

4. You should use the word variously. For example, "wonderful" You can replace by

the other word such as excellent, outstanding, or best because the word have same


5. The first sentence, My aunt is the person I admire most. You should add pronoun

“who” in the sentence. - My aunt is the person who I admire most.


Part 2

Content : 2
Organization : 3
Vocabulary : 2
Grammar : 2
Spelling and mechanics : 3