My Typical Day

posted on 20 Nov 2009 20:13 by devilpal


                                     My Typical Day


       Today is a holiday. I wake up in the morning. I go to Phuket

with my family. We travel by plane. It spent time about one hour.

We check in at the Thara Patong Beach Resort near the beach.

We go to stroll at the beach. The sea is very beautiful with clear

sea-water. In the noonday, we eat seafood in a resort. It has a nice

atmosphere. The seafood are fresh and very delicious. Afterwards,

we play together in the sea. I play bananaboat with my elder brother.

It is fun and excited. In the evening, we sit on the sand to eat dinner

and look at the sunset. At night, we go to see Phuket Fantasea at a

Kamala beach. It is amazing and very beautiful. I enjoy the holiday

very much. Thank you for a good day.







Wow! Phuket is very beautiful place

#4 By cartoon on 2009-12-05 01:54

I hope,I travel my favorite place too.

#3 By faii on 2009-11-24 15:33

I would to go Phuket too,Because I
would like to eat the crab.(kani!)

#2 By killkaku on 2009-11-22 05:34

I would like to see the sun set at the sea.It is very beautiful.

#1 By Bew Peeraya ( on 2009-11-21 20:35