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My best friend

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                                                 My best friend


            Let me introduce one of my best friend. Her name is

Pruchyamas  Punsang, and her nickname is Cartoon. She is next

door neighbor. She is 20 years old. She is about 163 centimeter tall.

Her hair is long, dark brown, and curly. Her face is round, and her

eyes are black. She wear glasses because she is myopia. Her nose is

prominent. She has a pleasant smile. she isn't fat, and she isn't thin.

Her shape is plump. She has a wonderful personality. She is a

friendly person, but sometimes she become serious person. She is 

very smart. She is a good student, and she gets a good grades. She

is diligent and intend to study very much. I am proud that she is

one of my best friend.




How to get a good grade in your writing class

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       How to get a good grade in your writing class


          Follow these instruction to get a good grade in your writing

class. First of all, prohibit come to learn late, and you should attend

class everytime. Second, you should intend to learn the substance

that a teacher teaches. If you don't understand, you should ask a

teacher. Don't talking, and don't playing while you are learning.

Third, get back review the substance that you learn everytime, and 

you should train writing often. Finally, you must do assignment to

send to your  teacher completely. If you follow these four steps,

you will be get a good grade in your writing class.




Assignment 3 How to Make Crabmeat Nachos

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                 How to Make Crabmeat Nachos


         It is simple to make crabmeat nachos if you follow these

steps. First, prepare the ingredient as follows corn chips, lump

crabmeat 1/4 cup, shredded cheese 1/4 cup, *pico de gallo 1/4 cup,

sliced sweet peppers 1 tablespoon, avocado cream 3 tablespoon,

lime wedges 3 each, and fresh parsley 1 each. Next, lay the corn

chips on a microwave-safe plate so they cover the entire plate.

Then sprinkle shredded cheese on top of the corn chips. After that,

take the plate into the microwave for 45 seconds or until cheese is

completely melted then remove the plate from the microwave. 

Finally, Top the corn chips with the pico de gallo, sliced sweet

pepper, and crab. Drizzle with avocado cream. Decorate with

lime wedges and fresh parsley. You now have a delicious

crabmeat nachos to enjoy.





*pico de gallo is a fresh uncooked condiment made from chopped tomato, onion,

and sometimes chiles (typically jalapeños or serranos). Other ingredients may also

be added.


Assignment 2 Why I like a cat

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                            Why I like a cat


          Thay are several reasons why I like a cat. First of all,

it is lovely because it has fluffy long fur, big eyes, and fat shape.

Second, it is cry-baby. It likes to come to snuggle and follow me.

Third, it is easy to feed because I don't to take care of it all the

time only feed it punctually and liberate it play normally. Finally,

it is my playmate when I feel lonely. It make me happy and relax.

To conclude, I like a cat because it is lovely, cry-baby, easy to feed,

and my playmate.



Feedback 2 Songkran Festival

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Feedback 2

Part 1

1. I like your writing that you describe about sprinkle water onto a Buddha image

and pour water on the hands of revered elders. It refect a Thai good tradition.

2. In the last summer on Songkran Festival, you and your family visited your

grandmother's house and went to many places in Samutsongkram for five days. 

3. You use the word "the next day" repeatedly. You should use the other word

such as the first day, the second day, the third day etc.

4. You should change the title to support detail. Because you writing about your

activity on Songkran Festival, the title should is "My Songkran Festival". 

5. In line 6, "Although we were wet, we had fun and were very happy". You should

add conjunction "but" in the sentence and cut the some word.

- Although we were wet, but we had fun and very happy.


Part 2

Content : 3
Organization : 2
Vocabulary : 2
Grammar : 3
Spelling and mechanics : 3 



Feedback 1 My Wonderful Aunt

posted on 25 Jan 2010 23:51 by devilpal

Feedback 1

Part 1

1. I like your writing explain because you can write clearly and support the title.

2. You write about your wonderful aunt. Your aunt is generous, smart, successful,

and helpful.

3. You should cut the sentence in line 10, "Recently, she has been promoted to be

the vice president of the company". because the sentence is off-topic.

4. You should use the word variously. For example, "wonderful" You can replace by

the other word such as excellent, outstanding, or best because the word have same


5. The first sentence, My aunt is the person I admire most. You should add pronoun

“who” in the sentence. - My aunt is the person who I admire most.


Part 2

Content : 2
Organization : 3
Vocabulary : 2
Grammar : 2
Spelling and mechanics : 3


How to Make Scrambled Eggs

posted on 21 Jan 2010 23:54 by devilpal


                       How to make scrambled eggs


          It is easy to make scrambled eggs if you follow these steps.

First, prepare the ingredien and the eguipment as follows two fresh

eggs, milk, butter, salt, pepper, a bowl, a tablespoon, a teaspoon,

a fork, and a frying pan. Second, break the eggs into the blow, and

add about three tablespoons of milk and one teaspoon of salt and

pepper. Third, beat the mixture with a fork untit it is well mixed.

Fourth, melt a small plece of butter in the frying pan at over low

heat. Poor the egg mixture into the pan. Finally, turn up the heat

slightly and stir it around gently with the fork until it is light and

fluffy. Now, enjoy your delicious scrambled eggs.




My Labtop

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                                        My Labtop


          I use my labtop in several ways. First of all, if I want to

relax, I wll listen to music, play game, or read a novel and cartoon.

Second, I use labtop in the education for example, I use to work,

search the data, and present the work. Finally, I use to search

all information because I stay at the dormitory which don't have

the television. I must search news from the internet. To sum up,

labtop is necessary thing for me very much as if it is a part of

my life.




Why I don't like exam

posted on 21 Jan 2010 23:54 by devilpal


                              Why I don't like exam


          There are three reasons why I don't like exam. First of all,

exam make me unhappy because I must read a many book. It make

me don't have the time to do the activity that likes for example,

watching terevision, playing computer game, and reading a cartoon

and novel. Second, exam make meserious because I read a book

unable to catch and don't understand. Finally, exam make me the

weight increasingly because if I am serious, I will have appetite

anytime. This is the reasons that why I don't like exam.